Posted by: pascalelkhoury | September 25, 2008

I am a Lebaneese.

  • Roses are red
    LEBANESES are brown!!
    That’s my race
    So don’t put it down!!
    My LEBANESE pride
    I will not hide
    My LEBANESE race
    I will not disgrace !!!
    My LEBANESE blood
    flows hot & true
    My LEBANESE people
    I will stand by you
    Through thick & thin
    Until the day we die
    Our LEBANESE flag
    Always stands high
    I yell this poem
    Louder than all the rest.
    Because everyone knows
    LEBANESE BLOOD is my kind
    So step aside and let me through
    Cause it’s all about the LEBANESE crew
    Life sucks and then you die
    but if your lebanese
    You die with some damn pride.

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